How big is
this market?
2030 will transfer $59 trillion worth of assets
from Baby Boomers and over 12 million
privately owned businesses.
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How many people
work in this space?
Over 30.2 million small businesses in the United States
used 58.9 million people , or 47.5% of the private workforce,
in 2015. (Source: SUSB)
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Company overview

GlobalPEG is the first network of independent sponsors in the private equity marketplace. Unlike traditional private equity firms, we do not have strict profit guidelines. Our funding comes from family offices and capital partners who share our vision. 

According to Fortune magazine, at the end of 2019, private equity firms are sitting on $1.5 trillion in unspent cash and looking to raise more. Independent sponsors that can negotiate a favorable structure to compete on price can have a slight advantage.

Management control is a must for any organization that practices decentralization, especially during the restructuring of the world economy, post-COVID-19.

Our mission

The current ecosystem of business brokers, M&A intermediaries, and business owners looking for a good deal is broken due to a lack of understanding on both sides about what is available in the private equity marketplace.

GlobalPEG is now looking for entrepreneurs that know of business owners in search of growth capital, family successions, recapitalizations, or buyouts.

Why Now?

In the next decade, the entire generation of some 74 million baby boomers will have reached the age of 65 or older. This retirement of baby boomers will usher in a $30 trillion wealth transfer, according to industry research.

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Mark Meissner
Vice President, Global Head of Public Relation, PCI Security Standards Council

how can we help you?

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Looking for growth capital, recapitalization, family succession, or buyout?